Home Purchase or Sale – Getting Help With Your Next Steps

Real Estate Purchase or Sale Transactions

You are preparing to sign or you’ve just signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to purchase a property or home with a realtor, or, perhaps you have already signed the agreement to sell your home? What do you do now?

Whether you are buying or selling a condo, a home, or rental property, Nichols Law has the experience and expertise to help you throughout your real estate investment transaction, and the significant amount of details and paperwork involved.

Buying a home or property is an important milestone in your life, perhaps the most significant purchase you will ever make. You do not want any surprises related to the transaction once you have purchased the property, such as unpaid property taxes, claims or liens against the property.

Nichols Law will conduct the necessary searches and due diligence to ensure that you will receive  clean and valid title to the property.

Nichols Law Proactive Services

Nichols Law can help you understand the real estate transaction process prior to engaging with a realtor, and help you identify any issues with the realtor agreement before signing. And if you have already signed the realtor agreement and want competent legal advice, Nichols Law can provide direction and advice for your next steps.

Nichols Law has helped thousands of individuals and families with their real estate purchases, and sales. We can help you throughout the whole process, before you talk to a realtor, to review the realtor agreement in advance of selling, and throughout the property purchase, and the sale when necessary.

Whether you are buying or selling, are close to taking the next steps and about to sign the realtor agreement, or have already signed the realtor agreement and want to know what to do next in greater detail, please contact us so we can help you get started with your new home purchase.