Listen First Approach

Nichols Law has been listening to and serving our clients for many years. Our clients have told us that they want to work with a lawyer and a law firm that listens intently to their specific needs, a firm that has empathy for their unique situation.

With our diverse expertise, effective listening, and questioning, Nichols Law can provide a smooth legal transaction for our clients. In addition to our legal specializations, and with this approach, Nichols Law ensures a high quality of work and responsiveness delivered in an organized way for our clients.

Your Business, Estate Planning or Real Estate Legal Specialists

Whether you have legal needs for your business, have a real estate purchase or sale transaction, need assistance with preparing your Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney or advice relating to estate administration. Nichols Law understands that listening and empathy are critical when a client is providing details about their situation and throughout the entire legal transaction process.

Our clients want to feel a fit with their lawyer and law firm. Nichols Law has been working with our clients in this way for many years, that’s why we receive continual repeat business and referrals from our clients.

In addition to listening, empathy, and being responsive, Nichols Law clients value our diverse legal specializations, legal competencies and the personal touch from our entire staff.