Helping Our Clients for Over 30 Years

Nichols Law has been helping our clients with their legal needs since the early 1980’s.

Many of our clients reach out to Nichols Law for assistance with specific issues and problems, or opportunities that they need help and assurances with.

Wide Range of Legal Services

These needs can range from questions about and needing assistance with reading purchase and sale agreements, needing advice about preparing Powers of Attorney, your Last Will and Testament, needing advice about current or future estate administration needs or assistance with their business. They need a lawyer and law firm to help navigate through their questions, queries or issues.

Most often our clients are not sure what they should do next with a specific situation, or how to approach the issue or opportunity.

Nichols Law helps our clients with many of these issues and opportunities. We have included a selection of the problems that we see on a regular basis that we can help you with. If you don’t see your problem listed, please let us know, we will still be happy to help or please check out our FAQ.