Real Estate Law, Notary Public Services, Business, Corporate, and Commercial Law and Estate Planning

Nichols Law Professional Corporation (NLPC) or Nichols Law, helps our clients with legal transactions related to:

  • Real Estate purchases or sales, preparation of mortgages, both private and conventional, and home refinancing
  • Estate Planning, including the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Family Trusts
  • Estate Administration, such as providing advice relating to the role of an Executor and in some situations, acting in the role of Executor
  • Business, Corporate and Commercial services, including incorporating new companies, organizing existing companies, reviewing contracts, and buying and selling businesses
  • Notarization of documents

Nichols Law provides legal guidance and applies our legal skills throughout the unique situation that applies specifically to you.

Working With You

We can work with you from the initial reviewing of an agreement to the hiring of a real estate agent, and throughout the entire home or property purchase or sale process. We understand the legal inner workings of bank refinancing, and the risks related to working with private lenders, if private lending is an option for you.

Whether you need to prepare your Last Will and Testament, need assistance setting up a Powers of Attorney, need help with your estate planning, or if you have been named executor of an estate, we can help guide you and answer your questions related to these life event planning needs.

Nichols Law also specializes in business, corporate and commercial legal transactions, whether you are just starting your company or have been operating your company for many years.