Making Personal Care Decisions When You Cannot

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care appoints one or more persons to make personal care decisions for you, only in situations when you cannot make such decisions for yourself.

“Personal Care” decisions include:

1) determining what medical procedures you undergo or don’t undergo;

2) where you live;

3) what ongoing care you may receive;

4) what medication you take;

5) what food you eat; and

6) what clothes you wear.

Expectations and Being Proactive

You can, to a certain extent, incorporate what form of care you want for yourself, into a Power of Attorney for Personal Care.

However, the best guidance you can give to your Attorney is to discuss in detail, your expectations regarding what care and what decisions they should make, if you are unable to give such directions yourself. This, above all else, can help guide your Attorney through what may be a difficult time, and ensure you receive the care you wish to receive.