Understanding Estate Planning, Wills and Powers of Attorney – What Do They All Do?

Protecting Your Loved Ones

You’ve come to a point in your life when you need a Will and/or a Power of Attorney, or perhaps have recently started a family and want to protect your loved ones. You want to ensure you will be taken care of if you can’t make decisions for yourself, or you have accumulated assets and want to ensure that your interests are protected.

There are many aspects that can affect the set-up and completion of a Will or Power of Attorney, including your own personal circumstances, your marital status, your personal assets, business assets, real estate assets, financial situation and family structure.

Proactive Estate Planning

Estate planning provides an opportunity to look forward and decide in advance how your property will be distributed and to ensure that you and your loved ones are cared for.

Nichols Law has been helping our clients with preparing their Wills and Powers of Attorney for many years and would be available to meet with you to discuss your estate planning concerns and needs.