What Makes Nichols Law Different?

In addition to our specializations in real estate, estate planning, and business and commercial legal services, Nichols Law and our staff understand that before we can provide our clients with legal direction, advice, services or a solution, we need to empathize with the situation they are experiencing, and to understand what their real issues or needs are.

The only way that we can understand our clients is to ‘listen’ to them, and ask them questions based upon what they are telling us.

We Listen

Each time a client speaks with us, it’s another opportunity to get to know them and understand their needs even more. Effective listening isn’t only when our clients speak with our lawyers, it’s when they call and speak with and interact with our staff. Each interaction is an opportunity to understand our clients and demonstrate that ‘listening’ and ‘caring’ is an integral element of the Nichols Law culture.

When a client’s law firm and its lawyers seek to understand their clients on a human level, in addition to their legal needs, it helps both the client and the law firm ensure that they have the client’s best interests top of mind.

Responsiveness and Integrity

In addition to providing a great client experience, Nichols Law acts with the highest level of integrity with our clients. We understand that our clients need a law firm who is responsive to their needs, and provides the highest level of service. These are a few of the reasons why Nichols Law receives so many referrals from friends, family and business associates.