Six Factors to Consider
Before Contacting a Private Lender

If you are reading this post then you may be considering a refinancing transaction and borrowing against your home’s equity, or researching a second or even a third mortgage from a private lender. This document focuses on individuals who have been turned away from traditional lending organizations, and have few options to borrow funds.

We understand that you may have already exhausted bank lending alternatives, and your only option to buy a new home or to keep the home you are living in now is to secure lending from alternative means, specifically private lending or a mortgage investment company.

Our intention is not to persuade you in one direction or another, just to provide you with observations and insights that will help you approach a private lending arrangement with more clarity and a reasonable level of awareness.

Private lending for second and third mortgages can be very convenient short-term borrowing alternatives and may be viable for the well informed and proactive borrower.

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